Unconventional Photographer Capturing Raw Emotion.

When I was a little girl I would find myself digging through boxes of old photos. My parents kept our disposable camera photos in an old plastic container in our hallway closet. I was obsessed with remembering these moments. I loved imagining what was happening in each moment . Fast forward to now, I’m a photographer who refuses to leave a moment behind. My dream is to help preserve genuine moments within people. The raw and beautiful. To give photos that people will always want to hold onto and eventually shuffle through in an old plastic bin.

I’m in love with connection. My goal is to always dig deep and connect with my clients. Capturing and creating moments that are TRUE and not posed. Moments made up of snacking on fruit in the tub, running through the sprinklers at sunset, dancing terribly, sneaking off with your honey to kiss, playing guitar + singing duets, doing shots with your bridal party, having tickle flights Saturday mornings, or anything that represents you. I want to capture the differences in every person. Embrace these beautiful moments and make them timeless. I do this by great creativity and making these meaningful bonds.

When I’m not photographing I’m enjoying a hot cup of coffee or I’m most likely loving on my sweet fur baby, Pickles the Pug. I love the whole entire process of traveling. Witnessing what this beautiful earth and what It’s people have to offer is enlightening. Other art forms I’m obsessed with are music and cinema. In the summers you’ll probably catch me at any music festival. I can also couch potato it and watch movies for days. Then quote them for the rest of my living. If you watch any of these shows we will automatically become best friends: New Girl, Game Of Thrones, + The Office.